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Add Lighting to Tent Events

More and more people are planning theme parties, weddings and corporate events that take place in tents. Adding the extra flair with lighting that creates the right mood plays a major role in the design of these events. To make your tent events real memory makers, discover all the lighting options available.

Packing Checklist

When it comes time to move to a new home, packing can be one of the hardest things to do. Not only is it overwhelming but you never know where to start. But with proper organization and a plan to keep you on track it will go smoothly. Here's a checklist of items to keep handy for packing: Use strong boxes and containers that can be secured tightly.

 Use Pneumatic Nailers Safely

If you are an experienced user or just learning how to use a pneumatic nailer, it's best to know the safety issues that surround using this powerful tool. The safety rules are easy to follow and most importantly include wearing eye protection to eliminate the chance of accidents happening while on the job.