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  • Model Number: f413

Rethinking the portable dehumidifer

The Revolution packs state-of-the-art LGR technology into the most compact design ever achieved for the restorative drying industry. Stackable and easy to transport, the Revolution’s space-saving design lets restorers pack more drying power into their trucks, saving extra trips and boosting profitability.

Built for the tough environments found in water damage restoration and construction, the Revo features Dri-Eaz’ legendary rugged rotomolded housing and durable made-in USA construction. Rethink restoration with Dri-Eaz!

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  • Manufacturer: Bon Tool
  • Model Number: F351

Dri-Eaz Sshara Pro X 3 Turbo Dryer is designed to dry a multiple of floor types

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  • Manufacturer: L.B. White Co., Inc.
  • Model Number: Premier 80

These versatile heaters, used by many to heat tents for events, are also great for small or large work spaces, renovation jobs, and any application where an enclosed flame or low noise is important. Premier heaters can be used to provide heat or simple air circulation inside, or be ducted in from the outside

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